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English PortuguÍs

Created by Mark Davies. Funded by the US National Endowment for the Humanities (2004, 2015).

  Corpus Size Created More info
1 Genre / Historical 45 million words 2006 Info
2 Web / Dialects 1 billion words 2016 Info
3 NOW (2012 - 2019) 1.1 billion words 2018 Info
4 WordAndPhrase Top 40,000 words 2017 Info

WordAndPhrase-Portuguese allows you to search and browse through the top 40,000 words in Portuguese (based on frequency in the corpus). For each word, you can see detailed information (all on one page) -- definition, synonyms, frequency by genre, frequency by country, collocates (nearby words, which give great insight into meaning and usage), topics (co-occurring words on the same web pages), and 200 sample concordance lines (to see the patterns in which it occurs) -- all with useful links from one word to another.

You can also enter and analyze entire texts, such as the content of a web page, or a composition written by a student. It will show you the keywords from the text (based on frequency in the CdP), and you can click on any word in the text to see detailed information, as discussed above. You can also highlight phrases in your text and have it search for related phrases in the Corpus do PortuguÍs, which helps in getting things to sound "just right".